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Legionella. Ozone proves to be a useful ally for the control and reduction of bacterial loads.

High efficiency, speed of operation and cost reduction combined with a reduced environmental impact is the winning formula of ozone.

Any water system is exposed to the risk of proliferation of legionella bacteria. Whether natural or artificial - if not properly treated it can become a dangerous outbreak of this bacterium. Lakes, rivers and springs aside, there is a multitude of places where it is easy to come into contact with this bacterium: water systems and air conditioning systems of condominiums, offices, schools, swimming pools, health centers, hospitals, railway stations, airports, etc. In the event of stagnation, sediment, biofilm and blind spots of the plants, even at normal temperatures (between 22° and 55°C) the bacterium can grow up to thresholds that can be dangerous to humans.

Unlike the treatment of plants with other methods and chemicals, the use of ozone guarantees to be as effective and ensures technical, economic and environmental benefits. Actually ozone is a powerful oxidant able to reduce or eliminate molds, viruses, protozoa, insects, bacteria, including legionella. Being an unstable gas generated from oxygen through a specific process, after few minutes from the treatment reverts back to oxygen leaving no toxic residues in plants, making unnecessary any rinsing and reducing to zero emissions of pollutants in discharges.

Unlike the treatment with chlorine, it is not necessary to treat the plant for long hours and perform continuous rinsing that disperse chlorine in the network of disposal and unlike the treatment with heat shock it is not necessary to bring the temperature of the water to 70 -80°C for 2 or 3 consecutive days, avoiding prolonged downtime and costs of operations at maximum output of the plant.

Especially for public buildings and shopping areas it is essential to carry out regular preventive disinfection with ozone, to prevent outbreaks of the bacterium, and avoid heavy fines and expensive activity stoppages.

O3 technology is able to design and produce both mobile plants to be connected to the water supply network and fixed installations - for more frequent and targeted actions - with power and capacity characteristics tailored on the water network to be sanitized.

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