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NEWSLETTER - March 2013

Oenology relies on Ozone with O3-Technology
No environmental impact and no residues subsequent to treatments are the premises for the new experiments. In 2013 some of the most famous and appreciated Italian wineries have started with ozone experimentation as a means of protecting vineyards from pests. A practice still unknown in Italy, but already in use in many European countries.

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Ozono, sanificazione sostenibile per la cantina

Come si produce, quando e dove ne รจ indicato l'uso

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Mondo o3 technology
Legionella. Ozone proves to be a useful ally for the control and reduction of bacterial loads.
High efficiency, speed of operation and cost reduction combined with a reduced environmental impact is the winning formula of ozone.

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Mondo o3 technology

O3Technology equipments for disinfection with ozone can improve the quality of products, gain competitiveness and efficiency while minimizing the impact on the environment and on the people who are in contact with it.

Steady collaboration with leading Italian research bodies (including the SSICA of Parma, and the Universities of Padua, Milan and Parma) allows us to use the most modern scientific knowledge for the disinfection and for food applications.

Thanks to the direct production of machineries in our factory in Italy, O3 Technology guarantees quality of equipments and is able to respond in quick times and with maximum flexibility for any variation, implementation, customization and technical services, whilst minimizing costs and time.

The O3 technology systems enable to calibrate and monitor ozone concentrations during all stages of processing and storage, gettingthe best products in terms of quality and ensuring the safety of the operators.