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8 February 2013
How long does the deodorizing and sanitizing effect last?
Like all "classic" treatments of sanitation and deodorization also this has an effect until external events do not change the environment by increasing again microbial load and / or unpleasant odors.

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20 January 2013
How do insects and animals that may be present in the area to be treated react (cockroaches, bed bugs, mites, mosquitoes, mice, etc ...)?
When animals, that are generally more sensitive than men to odors and dangers, perceive the massive presence of ozone, they tend to escape, because ozone, being heavier than air, tends to creep in galleries and passages exploited by the animals themselves making these inhospitable environments and opposing their return. Of course, if these unwanted guests can find other means of access they may tend to recur, but the constant use of ozone will make the environment so inhospitable to induce them to abandon the area. This technique is used for example in Venice to prevent rats entering some locales.

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12 December 2012
How often the treatment of sanitation with ozone should be performed?
It depends on the environment to be treated; a plan of use has to be drawn up, on the basis of specific personal needs and requirements. For example, in a hotel room it is recommended whenever the host of the room changes. Under special conditions (unpleasant smells or smoke) processing can also be performed every day, given its ease of use.

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5 November 2012
Calculation of the time required for hygiene and sanitation procedures.
The sanitation of indoor premises can be reached in about 30 minutes. The greater the amount of ozone produced per unit of time, the greater will be its effectiveness. This is directly related to the type and concentration of pollutants present in the environment, such as viruses, bacteria, spores or mildews. However, 30 minutes of treatment in saturation of ozone are generally sufficient for a satisfactory result.

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Mondo o3 technology
26 September 2012
Macfrut 2012. New ozone solutions for the food industry.

During Macfrut 2012 (the most important international exhibition for the agri-food sector), we have presented innovative solutions for the disinfection with ozone technology, developed by o3-Technology for the food industry.
Our company is located in Pisogne (Iseo Lake, province of Brescia), and it is born from the intuition of a business group, active for over 30 years in the Italian industrial economy. We offer products and technologies with high quality standards, innovation and reliability, able to improve the competitiveness of products and business performance while protecting the environment and the people working on it.
Production efficiency and competitive advantage are not incompatible with the purpose of improving products, safeguarding environment and people.
It was with this objective that o3-Technology has been developing solutions offered by ozone-technology.Ozone is a gas of high oxidizing power, hence it is an excellent natural disinfectant to reduce bacteria, mold, yeast, protists (protozoa, algae, etc..), and to eliminate unwanted oxidizable substances such as ethylene in cold storage or ammonia in well water.

Its chemical and physical properties make it ideal to use in the stages of cultivation, washing and storage as well as for the treatment of products, disinfecting premises and machinery and for the treatment of process water.
When used under correct concentrations and appropriate timing, ozone ensures a similar disinfection and, in some cases superior, to that of other chemical products while maintaining the sensory and organoleptic characteristics of the processed products; it reduces pathogenic and / or alterative microorganisms with consequent benefits in terms of longer shelf-life.
The equipment used for the treatment of air and water with ozone technology allows significant benefits, in terms of costs and competitiveness, in the production and storage of food while minimizing the environmental impact and the emission of harmful substances and pollutants.

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