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O3 Technology is born from the intuition of a business group, active for over 30 years in the Italian industrial economy, and it is specialized in the production of systems and technologies that use ozone. It has developed specific expertise in sanitation of civil and industrial plants, as well as in disinfection of water in case of emergencies, natural disasters and situations of crisis in general.

O3 Technology benefits from significant operative synergies in the design of equipments, customization of orders and in the overall coordination of all related activities, thanks to the experience gained by other divisions of the group (operating in industrial refrigeration and as general contractor for civil and commercial installations).

Steady collaboration with leading Italian research bodies (including the SSICA of Parma, and the Universities of Padua, Milan and Parma) allows us to use the most modern scientific knowledge for the disinfection and for food applications. Thanks to the direct production of machineries in our factory in Italy, O3 Technology guarantees quality of equipment and is able to respond in quick times and with maximum flexibility for any variation, implementation, customization and technical services, whilst minimizing costs and time. The presence of sales representatives and technicians across the country ensures prompt intervention for installation and after-sales service.

The O3 technology systems enable to calibrate and monitor ozone concentrations during all stages of processing and storage, gettingthe best products in terms of quality and ensuring the safety of the operators.