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Benefici e vantaggi del trattamento con ozono.


The equipment used for the treatment of air and water with ozone technology (AirNowTM and WaterNowTM) allow considerable economic benefits and competitiveness in the processes of production and storage of food, while minimizing the environmental impact and the emission of harmful substances and pollutants.

Ideal for the storage of products

  • it can extend the food preservation period
  • it can reduce the use of harmful substances and chemical disinfectants
  • it is odorless and tasteles and does not leave residues on products
  • it can reduce the residues of pesticides and chemicals products
  • it can cut/eliminate odors, bacteria (including those resistant to chlorine as Legionella, Salmonella, Scighella, Pseudomonas, etc.), fungi, protozoa, molds, spores and inactivate the virus.

Leads to significant savings

  • it has reduced production costs (as it is generated by oxygen present in the air)
  • AirNowTM and WaterNowTM machineries require low maintenance costs and perform high productivity
  • it can reduce the time and cycles of production and processing of products (i.e. no-rinse, etc.)
  • it can reduce costs for purchasing chemical disinfectants

all requirements of the most stringent
environmental policies

  • 100% natural
  • eco-friendly: ozone is 100% renewable
    does not deplete natural resources and in a short time it is back to the initial physical state
  • eco-compatible: ozone is free of any pollutants to 100%
    it does not release pollutants and has no negative impact on the environment.

More effective and efficient

  • it has an oxidizing power up to 10 times more powerful than chlorine
  • its operating speed is superior to other disinfectants